Statutory Review of the Online Safety Act 2021

Statutory Review of the Online Safety Act 2021

This response was submitted as part of the Statutory Review of the Online Safety Act 2021 and our response relates to the harms caused online by digital alcohol marketing practices.

Digital technologies can provide the community with benefits that support health and wellbeing, including social connectivity, access to learning opportunities, and flexible working opportunities. However, digital platforms are currently operating in a way that enables harmful marketing for unhealthy products, including for alcohol. Higher standards and regulations for how unhealthy products are marketed on digital platforms are urgently needed to better protect the community.

Alcohol Change Australia strongly recommend that the Australian Government implement the following recommendations in relation to the Online Safety Act to protect Australians from harm online caused by harmful alcohol marketing:

  1. Expand the scope of online harms addressed by the Act to include harmful online advertising, including the advertising or promotion of alcohol.
  2. Protect the community, including children from exposure to alcohol marketing online. This includes requiring online services to ensure that all services children can access are free from harmful advertising, including of alcohol. Additionally, online services must be required to ensure that people are not targeted with harmful product advertising on their services. Online services must ensure that people are required to provide informed and explicit opt-in consent to receive any harmful product advertising while using their service.
  3. Require online services to ensure all harmful advertising on their service includes an evidence-based warning. For example, a standard health warning on any alcohol advertising.


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